Huge KFC Delivery to Xi Hotel in Russia, Despite Rebrand

  • Russian state media showed a mass KFC delivery to the Moscow hotel where China’s delegation is staying. 
  • Xi Jinping is in Moscow for a high-stakes meeting with Vladimir Putin, likely focused on Ukraine. 
  • The order was odd since KFC pulled out of Russia last year and stores are supposed to have rebranded.

Russian state media on Monday showed bags of KFC takeout being delivered to the luxury Moscow hotel where China’s delegation is staying for President Xi Jinping’s state visit. 

State-media agency Ruptly, part of the RT network, reported that Xi’s delegation headed to the five-star Soluxe hotel in Moscow after arriving Monday for a three-day state visit.


A delivery guy soon afterwards dropped off at least 18 bags of the fast food outside the hotel, which was bedecked in Russian and Chinese flags. “The recipients of the food were unknown,” the outlet noted, though it pointed out that China’s delegation had just arrived.

KFC is among the franchises that pulled out of Russia over its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The owner, fast-food conglomerate Yum! Brands, sold its restaurants to a Russian operator, which is supposed to have rebranded them under the name Rostic’s.

Insider contacted Yum! Brands to ask about this delivery, but did not immediately receive a response.

But, according to the footage, the old branding is still being used, including the Colonel Sanders logo that was clearly visible on the takeout bags. 

Some commentators were amused that China’s officials, who have blamed the US for an array of global problems, may have chosen a US fast-food outlet while visiting Russia, another American rival. 

(KFC has a big presence of its own in China, with Yum! Brands saying it operates 9,000 stores.)