6 Books That Teach New Entrepreneurs How to Freelance

  • Chris Weller recently launched a new business to help thought leaders tell their stories.
  • He read many books before starting his business and shared his six favorites.
  • One book gave him specific scripts that he used in sales calls to better understand good deals. 

I was inspired to start my own business when I began binge-watching episodes of “Shark Tank” — around the time I was 19. Twelve years later, a month ago, I finally made the leap.

My business is to help thought leaders in business and academia write more effectively and gain recognition for their ideas — storytelling. Except, that isn’t really a business. It’s a vision. Before I started the actual business, I knew I needed to learn more about what I was getting myself into.

Given all the evidence that the most successful people are voracious readers, I began reading everything I could get my hands on — and it paid off. Three weeks into starting my business, I was already under contract for my first projects and now have a handful more lined up.

Below are six books that set me on a strong trajectory.